Leilah Devi

Leilah Devi is a devoted practitioner and teacher of Ashtanga Yoga, a StrongFirst Certified Kettlebell Instructor, an avid strength trainer and an experienced and enthusiastic coach. She travels the world living the dream.

photography by Coni Horler

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Drills for Eka Pada Sirsasana

I recently had the privilege of practicing with Laruga Glaser for 2 weeks. What an inspiration! I attended all of her afternoon workshops on the Intermediate Series, and took copious notes. One workshop focused on leg-behind-the-head postures from Intermediate, both Eka Pada and Dwi Pada Sirsasana. The good news is, Laruga swears that with enough … Continue reading Drills for Eka Pada Sirsasana

Bodyweight Squat and Goblet Squat Basic Tutorial

Here’s an introductory lesson on everyone’s favorite move, the squat! Well, if it’s not one of your favorite lifts, it probably should be. The squat is a compound movement which trains many major muscle groups, including glutes, quads, and abs. Adding a kettlebell in the goblet position gets the whole body involved. The goblet squat … Continue reading Bodyweight Squat and Goblet Squat Basic Tutorial

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