Photo Journal, India-Nepal 2018

A collection of images, mostly from Goa, Rishikesh, Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Sarangkot.

In no particular order. More to come.

Lucky, world’s best Kitler. Sacred lake. Humongous prayer wheel. Dipping my feet. Ma Ganga, holiest place yet. Jai Ma Durga. Also served as a weight for the Initium Pact training, when there were no bumper plates to be found. Rishikesh through my shadowy lens The dead kitten. Deities smeared with kumkum. Shiva! About 8kg. My lame attempt at Lagertha hair. Coni was submerged in a tidepool to take this photo. Entrance to the stupa. Local scene from my stroll down the mountain. The version to read. BG. Colorful altars. Annapurna as dawn approaches. Arambol with Heidi. We laughed at the sign for instant, effortless meditation. Pokhara Valley below. Durga temple. Bashubathini. Rishikesh. Ganesh first.



One thought on “Photo Journal, India-Nepal 2018

  1. Absolutely stunning! All of them. I especially love extended arm in the full moonlight reflected on the water, and I find special discomfort with bug bite lip.💜🔥

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