Ashtanga Yoga in Portland, Oregon

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be teaching a full, traditional Ashtanga Program

at the Yoga Shala of Portland!

-starting Monday, June 3-




LED PRIMARY:Sunday 9am-10:45am



Ashtanga yoga is traditionally learned and practiced in what is called the Mysore style, named after the city of Mysore, India, where it was taught by Krishnamacharya and Pattabhi Jois, and from whence it spread throughout the world.

In this style of class, students practice in relative silence, listening to the sound of the breath. As the Ashtanga series do not vary, the vinyasa is memorized and internalized, so that asana practice becomes a kind of moving meditation. The teacher instructs and assists students individually, and provides hands-on adjustments. The practice is personalized and made shorter or longer, more gentle or more challenging, according to the needs of each practitioner. As proficiency is gained, and the effects of practice are integrated, additional postures are taught. This method makes the Mysore style one of the safest ways to learn yoga, as students can practice at their own pace, with a high level of concentration. With minimal distractions, and supported by the energy of fellow practitioners, the Mysore room is a perfect place to deeply explore this amazing practice.

Mysore classes are held Monday-Friday, and students are encouraged to attend daily. Doors open at 6am, and students may arrive at any time but must finish by 9am. This class is for all level of practitioner; beginners are welcome with a 1-month commitment to come to class at least 3x per week.

LED PRIMARY Sunday 9am

This guided class is an integral part of the Ashtanga method. Once per week, we practice the Primary series together, in unison, as the teacher counts the vinyasa in Sanskrit. This class can help students to learn and refine the correct vinyasa, which is quite specific, while keeping a steady pace. Verbal cues and succinct directions provide valuable insight into how postures and movements may be best performed.

Though challenging, this class is appropriate for all levels. People not yet practicing the entire primary series may be instructed to finish early, or to omit certain postures. This class is intended for regular practitioners of Ashtanga yoga. If you are not a member of the Mysore program, or are not currently practicing in the Ashtanga tradition, please communicate to obtain the teacher’s permission before dropping in.


Traditionally we do not practice on the days of the new and full moons. There is no class on these days, please see the Moon Day calendar.