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Your monthly subscription gives you access to unique instructional videos in all aspects of Ashtanga vinyasa yoga, as well as kettlebell technique and a variety of  strength training modalities and fitness information. The goal is to provide insight for all levels of practitioner, with options to modify and scale for beginners and advanced alike. New video content will be made available twice weekly, along with frequent blog posts and written articles. Beginning with foundational movements, we will progress through more challenging and complex subsequent postures and principles, building an archive of knowledge related to yoga and strength. Once the project gets rolling,  your subscription will include full-length yoga classes you can practice along with, as well as complete workouts and programming for strength and mobility.

This subscription includes communication. I’m happy to address any questions you have!  If you have practical queries or subjects of interest that you’d like me to explore in a video, please send me a message.

Now, at the inception of this program, your subscription helps to support this entrepreneurial endeavor of an artistic, nomadic yogini! I do appreciate your interest.

As a member you can also receive a discount on any private sessions with me, whether in person or online. I highly recommend these inspiring sessions to help you deepen and refine your practices!

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